• One Complete Booster System


One Complete Booster System

Dec 03 2012

Grundfos (USA) have recently manufactured their Hydro MPC as a complete booster system with CR(E) pumps which can all be controlled by an MPC cabinet. These systems are manufactured to the highest standards and with the CU 352 controller they make handling the most difficult jobs easier and more accurate.

The Grundfos booster systems are designed to be used whenever more pressure is required. Each booster model has been designed to meet specific demands for capacity and control that you may face.

The CU 352 is the new MPC controller. It replaces the CU351 bringing such features as a colour screen, battery back-up and CIM modules to the MPC. The CU352 also contains new Firmware with more application optimised software and monitoring features. The CU352 will be updated regularly and be a more dynamic product than the CU351.

Applications include: Domestic Water Pressure Boosting; High rise buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, offices, schools, etc; Irrigation; Industrial and Manufacturing Applications; Municipal and HVAC



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