• Next Generation Ion Exchange Resins can Deliver up to 10% Greater Water Efficiency


Next Generation Ion Exchange Resins can Deliver up to 10% Greater Water Efficiency

Jan 17 2017

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), today launched the next generation of ion exchange resins re-engineered specifically for efficiency in industrial water treatment applications. DOWEX MARATHON™ ion exchange resins, in combination with optimized system design, can offer up to 10% greater productivity from raw water, or more.

DOWEX MARATHON brings together the best that Dow’s MARATHON and AMBERJET™ technologies have to offer. Its enhanced capacity and ideal balance of properties allow operators to experience maximum usable capacity of the resin with minimal use of chemicals and rinse water.

“Operators need to consider a host of factors when deciding on a water treatment process,” says Rajat Mehta, global business director for Ion Exchange, DW&PS. “When resin price, life, performance and reliability are considered, Dow’s advanced ion exchange technology helps reduce operating costs and deliver lower total cost of water to operators across the industrial water market spectrum. The change to an operator’s system is at the molecular level, but the impact on potential water efficiency is big.”

The DOWEX MARATHON family of products includes a comprehensive suite of strong and weak acid cation exchange resins, and strong and weak base anion exchange resins for use in both packed bed and layered bed systems. Different combinations will result in various levels of efficiencies. The line-up allows operators to use the best combination of resins with their vessel type to achieve extremely low unit cost of demineralized water, high regenerability, and reduced waste volume.

Other features of the product family include solutions that help operators minimize corrosion, protect equipment and reduce scaling and operational downtime.

“With the next generation DOWEX MARATHON product family, customers are getting the best product design and the highest quality and performance we can offer to the industrial water treatment and fossil power industry,” says Marlin Kinzey, global marketing director for Ion Exchange, DW&PS. “By consolidating and building our offering under this new line, we’ve optimized the solutions and help to deliver a step-up in operational benefits for our customers.”


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