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Environmental Engineering

Apr 15 2009

Since 1990 ACTEA (Italy) has become a full-service Engineering contractor in the field of Water Treatment, Waste Water and Waste Gas Treatment.

ACTEA quickly increased its experience and developed many different technical processes for water treatment, waste water and air pollution treatment in various industries: textile, chemical, petrochemical,  pharmaceutical, plastic, paper, food, distilleries, olive oil, foundry, metallurgy and steel. ACTEA is nowadays active all over the world. In addition to our central office in Italy, we have agents and representatives in Spain, Portugal, France, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Poland, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Libya and others.   ACTEA provides customers in the private and public sectors with innovative flexible solutions for the water treatment and waste water (industrial and municipal), sludge and water reuse as well as upgraded technologies in the field of waste air and gas treatment. ACTEA can also offer an innovative technology for the desulphurization through a regenerative and selective amine, with a remarkable reduction of the running costs.   ACTEA also has an important energy-saving patented process for the sludge drying, and is fully active in the field of energy optimization and of the renewable energies.   Technology, backed up by applied research and international cooperation, is a primary target of ACTEA’s philosophy. ACTEA attention is not so much focused on the technology itself but specially on how to apply this knowledge to client’s specific requirements and full satisfaction.


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