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New Waste Treatment Technology

Mar 23 2010

Officine Meccaniche Pejrani (Italy) is a manufacturer of waste treatment technology, founded by Paolo Pejrani in 1973. The company’s products are sold internationally through distributors in South Africa, Canada, Romania, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Colombia, Russia, Australia, etc... “We are actively looking for suitable distributors in countries where we are not yet represented,” says Mr. Fabrizio Prelato, the company’s sales manager.

The technology behind the treatment of waste, whether it is from hospitals, laboratories, slaughter houses, farms, airports or ferry ports not only make hazardous waste safe; it reduce in volume and in weight (around 70%), making transport, storage and eventual disposal much cheaper and absolutely germ-free.

The Converter uses the ‘moist-heat sterilization method’ in contrast to the ‘autoclave’ high pressure steam treatment process that has been in common usage in hospitals since the end of the 19th century. The final waste product, which looks like common household dust, is completely sterile, dry and odour-free.

Waste disposed by conventional means typically costs between 1 € and 5 € per kilogram. Waste treated by Converter machines costs 0,15 € per kilogram (maintenance, running costs and amortization included). “Logistics are simpler and cheaper and there is no dirty or contaminated water to be disposed of. Our technology represents a giant leap forward for waste disposal.” says Mr.Fabrizio Prelato.


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