• GE Expands Its  Waste-to-Energy Capabilities

Waste Management

GE Expands Its Waste-to-Energy Capabilities

Dec 03 2010

Further expanding its diverse portfolio of power generation technologies, GE announce the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Calnetix Power Solutions (CPS), a Florida-based company that develops innovative technology for small-scale, waste heat to power projects. Recovering waste heat from industrial processes and using it to produce electricity is a rapidly growing trend in the global power industry offering high efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

CPS offers well-proven waste heat to power technology to generate electricity using the waste heat of various types of engines, biomass boilers and gas turbines. The acquired business will be integrated into GE’s Jenbacher gas engine business, based in Jenbach, Austria. Today, much of the activity in the small-scale, waste heat recovery sector is centered in Europe.

“Alternative energy sources such as waste heat are growing in importance given the urgent global need for more efficient use of our limited resources. Acquiring CPS’s technology gives us a tremendous opportunity to enter this very promising, small-scale waste heat to power segment with a competitive, fully commercialized offering. Because of its energy efficiency and zero emissions, we see this industry sector as a $1 billion global space with high growth opportunities,” said Steve Bolze, president and CEO of GE Power & Water.


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