• Challenges Loom for the UK in Managing Covid-19 Waste

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Challenges Loom for the UK in Managing Covid-19 Waste

Oct 19 2023

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, the United Kingdom faces a pressing issue concerning the responsible disposal of millions of pieces of pandemic-related equipment, including masks, testing kits, and vaccines, as they approach their expiration dates. Experts have raised concerns about the ethical and proper disposal of these items as demand wanes, and fewer individuals seek vaccinations compared to the peak of the pandemic.

With items like face coverings and lateral flow tests falling out of favour, waste management specialists anticipate a surge in inquiries regarding the correct methods of disposal. Across the nation, businesses and healthcare organisations have accumulated substantial stockpiles of personal protective equipment (PPE) and related supplies.

Greg Smith, Technical Manager at the specialised waste company CSG Recovery, emphasised that the buildup of Covid-19-related items and equipment is an enduring legacy of the pandemic. During the height of the crisis, it was imperative for businesses and organisations to stockpile essential medical supplies like masks, hand sanitisers, gloves, and lateral flow kits, as the pandemic's duration was uncertain.

However, many of these items have now reached their expiration dates and must be disposed of responsibly. Additionally, numerous vaccine doses have also surpassed their shelf life. Consequently, CSG Recovery and similar organisations are witnessing a growing number of inquiries about proper disposal methods, enabling the ethical disposal of vaccination vials and syringes.

Greg Smith noted that while certain items, like gloves, can be repurposed in various applications, others, such as hand sanitisers and vaccines, necessitate distinct disposal processes. It is crucial for businesses to adhere to legal requirements for the proper disposal of clinical waste, especially considering the flammable nature of hand sanitisers.

CSG Recovery, headquartered in Blackburn, adopts a comprehensive approach to handling Covid-19-related waste. They begin by extracting recyclable components, including plastic and cardboard, from the items. Any components that cannot be recycled are carefully separated and sent to waste-to-energy recovery facilities, which convert the heat generated from waste into power for homes.

In the words of Greg Smith, "We have solutions for all forms of Covid-19-related waste and collaborate with partners for the disposal of clinical and offensive waste. It is imperative, particularly for businesses, to consider how they can sustainably and ethically manage the disposal of this equipment."

CSG Recovery, a part of the CSG Group, specialises in the processing and recovery of complex or hazardous waste, encompassing aerosols, oily contaminated by-products from industrial sources, clinical waste, and photographic waste. They serve a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, underscoring the need for responsible waste management during these challenging times.


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