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Feb 08 2010

The AVR Abfallverwertungsgesellschaft des Rhein-Neckar-Kreises mbH operates a sorting plant for recyclable waste of the “Grüne Tonne plus” on the area of the recycling center Sinsheim.

The recyclables consists of light packaging, paper, cardboard and material similarity non-packages.

Inside the plant the mixture of different wastes is separated into different recyclables fraction in two shift operation.

In 1996 the sorting plant for recyclable fractions was established and handovered by the company “AMB Anlagen Maschinen Bau” (Germany). After this, different expansion stages followed in the years 1998 to 2009.

Essential parts of the sorting plant with mechanical separation technique and a big part of conveyer technique are working since 1996. The expansion stages affected in particular the retrofit of 11 NIR-aggregates in order to reduce the sorting personal and the residual material quantity.

In September 2009 the recyclable fraction sorting plant reached 50,000 hours of operation time. In this time more than 900,000t of recyclables were treated. So once more the high quality and the long-life circle of the AMB plant engineering have been proved.


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