• Bioremediation Product Successfully Used for Environmentally Safe Treatment of Refinery and Chemical Waste

Soil Remediation

Bioremediation Product Successfully Used for Environmentally Safe Treatment of Refinery and Chemical Waste

Jul 17 2015

BCP35S/BioSurf is a new bioremediation product for hydrocarbons spills that often result in immediate, long-term and expensive environmental damage. Oil spill can prove fatal for plant, animal and human life and usually last for decades after the spill occurs. The substance is so toxic that it can cause massive loss of species that live in affected areas.

Bionetix International (USA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cortec Corporation, is in the business of manufacturing microbial based bio-products launched BCP35S/BioSurf as an environmentally safe and economical alternative to the use of chemicals that reduces client’s processing costs and increases the time of remediation. BCP35S/ BioSurf includes 2 applications for spills up to 10 square meters. The product is designed to bring two of the best hydrocarbon degrading technologies into one to enhance the three steps of bioremediation.  BCP35S/BioSurf kit includes two of Bionetix bestselling products: BIOSURF, a plant derived biosurfactant solution rich in nutrients that promotes bacterial activation and solubilises the hydrocarbons, and BCP 35S, a powder blend of beneficial and naturally occurring microorganisms (Bacillus and Pseudomonas) specialised to degrade hydrocarbons molecules such as: gasoline, diesel, crude oil ,BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylene and Xylene).

Among other applications BCP35S/BioSurf is successfully used for treating 3000 tons of refinery and chemical waste in a big project initiated by a major integrated oil and gas producer. This project includes treatment of contaminated soil found on: gas stations, oil rigs, oil pipelines and oil fields.

Contaminated waste is either taken to a landfill where it is treated with BCP35S/BioSurf or is treated on site.

One sample of crude mineral oil and two soil samples have been submitted for analysis to Croatian Institute of Public Health after treatment with BCP35S/BioSurf kit. All samples were extracted with an organic solvent and analysed in the combined system of gas chromatograph - mass spectrometer (GC-MS system) in order to identify all mineral oil constituents and micro-organic contaminants present in treated soil samples.

All of the recorded characteristic profiles for all samples were reviewed and verified and the identifications of the present components were made. After the review of the profiles of the recorded soil sample extracts, treated with the remediation agent, none of the extract samples contained ingredients identified like those in the analysed solution of crude mineral oil (Appendix 2 and 3). Test resuIts indicated a very high efficiency of remediation agent for refinery and chemical waste - BCP35S/BioSurf. 


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