• Former US military bases providing soil remediation education
    Soil remediation often needs to be carried out at former US military bases

Soil Remediation

Former US military bases providing soil remediation education

Apr 19 2013

Former military bases in the US are offering earth-friends education opportunities for students, helping to educate them in matters such as soil remediation.

A soil cleanup was taking place at Arizona State University’s Poly Technic campus, which was once the Williams Air Force Base in Arizona.

In the past, military operations had seen fuel spills and leaks on the site, meaning that a cleanup operation was required.

Student Theodore Betkie told the US Air Force’s website that after hearing about the initiative he decided he wanted to learn more, and he and his classmates took a closer look at the soil vapour extraction, which was taking place right under their feet.

Speaking about the experience, he told the website: "We felt it would be better for the class to come out and take a first-hand look at some of the equipment.

"It was very educational. We wanted to get a better understanding of the process taking place out here and I feel more knowledgeable with what's happening here because of it."

AFCEC engineer Michelle Lewis explained about the cleanup technologies being used at the campus to rectify this problem.

She noted: "We have students coming out that are actually studying the remediation process.

"This gives them an opportunity to see what's going on, to learn about the process and to be involved instead of just sitting in the classroom and not really being able to interact. It's a great way for the Air Force to give back to the community."

However, this is not the only former base that is working towards good environmental stewardship among communities.

Another example is the former Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento, California. The military open space was once closed to the public, but is now home to the Splash Education Center - a non-profit group which takes children out to explore some 1,000 acres of vernal pools on the closed military site.


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