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Seva Energie Systems Already Profitable!

Aug 07 2008

SEVA (Germany) has developed forefront know-how for small-sized systems. Out of the 820 installed in Germany in 2006, this company, with a payroll of 150, produced 170 biogas combustion units, with a total cumulative 54 MW power. The philosophy at SEVA ENERGIE is to make biogas profitable by offering high production rate systems, operating continuously with limited human intervention and very high reliability.
CIAT has become a recognized standard for the up-line treatment part of gas.The humidity is removed from the gas and Steam is condensed by cooling the gas to temperatures between 15 and 5°C. The advantage of this process is to eliminate part of the impurities in gas by trapping them in the condensates, which are evacuated. This treatment protects
the motor, reducing the maintenance frequency and prolonging its service life. This operation is carried out by an optimized CIAT refrigeration unit and heat exchanger set, delivering precisely the cooling power needed...
"What we like at CIAT is that it is always capable of reactively
responding with the precise technical solution", explains Klaus VIETH, project leader at SEVA. Reliability is also a strong point: "We tried several competitors` systems previously, but we found too many failures, especially in the refrigeration unit, which is located outside".
"For each new development project, we forward our specifications to CIAT, who help us size the components to integrate in the best possible manner. They respond quickly, the prices are competitive and there is always a CIAT product corresponding to our need", adds Michael SIEMER, Sales Manager at SEVA.



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