• Valio and Adven minimize the use of peat at the Seinäjoki plant

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Valio and Adven minimize the use of peat at the Seinäjoki plant

Oct 14 2022

Valio is taking yet another step closer to carbon neutrality at its factory in Seinäjoki, Finland. The 12-megawatt boiler used in energy production will be modified from using peat to using domestic biofuels alone. At the same time, Valio's energy efficiency and preparedness for high energy prices is improved. The transition is a result of a new agreement with energy company Adven.

Valio's goal is to Valio’s goal is to reset milk’s carbon footprint to zero by 2035. The exceptionally high energy prices also require the development of energy efficiency and ensuring energy supply.

" We want to reset the carbon footprint of milk to zero by 2035.That is why we aim abandoning the use of fossil fuels in energy production. In Seinäjoki we have had good cooperation with Adven for a long time, and we started a direct discussion with them about the renewal of the energy plant's technology. Due to security of supply, we keep the option of using peat as well ", says Energy Manager Peter Fabritius from Valio.

Adven has been Valio’s energy partner at the Seinäjoki factory since the 1990s. The energy service has been developed in cooperation and with the most recent project, emissions were cut by 15,000 tons. With the change to be made now, peat can be replaced with renewable bioenergy, such as such as wood chips, bark and sawdust. This reduces the factory's use of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions by almost 20,000 tons per year, which corresponds to about a quarter of Valio's total heat production emissions in Finland.

"We will renew the boiler technology in connection with the annual review, so the modification does not interfere with the factory's operations", says Jani Moisanen, Key Account Manager at Adven.

Seinäjoki plant is one of Valio's most versatile factories producing Valio butter and most of the milk powder. In addition, Valio Oivariini® -spread, Valio quarks, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, Valio Gefilus® drinks as well as Valio MiFU® products and Valio PROfeel® protein puddings are produced in Seinäjoki. In terms of the volume of milk processing, the factory is one of Valio's largest. Also, Valio's laboratory operates there. 

At the Seinäjoki plant, thermal energy is needed in drying milk powders, in heat treatment of fresh products as well as in washing and in heating the properties. Electricity is used operating the equipment and in cooling.

Adven is Valio's long-term partner and provides energy services at Valio's production facilities all over Finland.


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