• World-leading ammonia to hydrogen project launched.

Green Energy

World-leading ammonia to hydrogen project launched.

May 23 2023

Ammogen Consortium has laid the foundations for a groundbreaking ammonia to hydrogen project at Tyseley Energy Park. The project aims to advance hydrogen fuel supply chains in the UK and globally. Once operational, the facility will provide 200kg per day of transport-grade hydrogen to the refueling station at Tyseley Energy Park. The £6.7 million project, funded by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), is expected to be the world's largest and most efficient ammonia to hydrogen conversion unit. The technology utilized by the facility, developed by H2SITE, involves cracking ammonia at high temperatures to separate hydrogen and nitrogen, with the hydrogen being purified for use as fuel. This construction milestone signifies a significant step toward the hydrogen economy and the path to a Green Industrial Revolution. The project partners anticipate that early investment in cracking technologies for ammonia as a hydrogen carrier could create over 97,000 jobs and contribute £16 billion GVA in the UK. The consortium is actively seeking investment opportunities to expand the project to other sites in the country. The University of Birmingham's Energy Institute, among other partners, is pleased with the progress and expects the world-leading facility to be fully operational later this year.


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