• First Independent Green Deal Offering for Households Launched

Green Energy

First Independent Green Deal Offering for Households Launched

Jul 20 2012

Distributor of Redwell infrared technology, Green Energy (UK) have launched their own alternative to the Governments Green Deal. This deal called 'The Green Energy Deal' is separate from any government subsidies and offers households the opportunity to pay for energy generation and heating energy savings.

The deal from Green Energy involves them taking an initial EPC, followed by a review of the options available to the customer. These options could involve installing PV panels on roofs and Redwell infrared heaters in the home. The cost of this installation can be spread over time making it easier for customers and initial costs can be low too. Once installed any excess energy created from the solar panels can be sold back to the grid. Green Energy have also set up a system to offer customers finance deals to help pay for the cost of the installation.

Green Energy have created an online calculator where customers can work out exactly how much they can save if they were to take part in this 'Green Energy Deal'. This calculator can be found at the following site: http://www.green-energy-deal.co.uk/green-deal-calculator/ This site also gives options on the various finance deals available from Green Energy too.

The Governments Green Deal is set to be launced in October and Radiant Infrared heating was included as a part of this deal. Being the only distributor of this Infrared heating has put Green Energy in an ideal position to become a household company.

Mike Howard from Green Energy (EU) commented: “Our Green Energy Deal more than pays for the cost of any finance that householders may have to make upfront, and we can guarantee they start to make revenue within 12 years of the initial investment. For some, it can be as soon as within 5 years. The savings householders make from our deal are independent from the unreliable, constantly changing government subsidies that so many others have to rely-on.

We always feared the Government’s Green Deal offering would follow the route of uncertainty and indecision and this is now proving to be the case. So, as we have the products and the capability to provide energy saving systems to consumers, we have decided to launch our own Green Deal.”

Green Energy (EU) claim their Redwell Infrared heating to be 100% efficient and potentially up to 50% more efficient than oil or gas. This is possible as Infrared technology uses less wattage than traditional heating systems meaning they can obtain the same level of heating but at a much lower expense. Redwell heating units have been designed to heat the building and furniture rather than the air within the household. The reason for this is that walls will retain heat for much longer than the surrounding air. As an added bonus, Infra red heating panels have no moving parts and are therefore virtually maintenance free, as well as benefiting from an expected life span of decades. They can also be fitted retrospectively to any building.


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