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New Green Energy Contract Awarded

Mar 04 2013

Cambi (Norway) has been awarded the contract of the core technology in a new biogas plant in the municipality of Hå, outside Stavanger on the south-west coast of Norway.

The plant is planned as a multi fuel plant, initially fed by waste water treatment sludge, but later also household waste and liquid waste. It will treat sludge and waste from several municipalities in the area around Stavanger, with an initial load around 11 000 tons of dry matter per year. The design contains optional capacity doubling; with only small additions the plant is able to treat more than 22 000 tons dry matter on a yearly basis. The biogas produced will have an energy content of more than 55 000 MWh when plant is fully developed and producing at design capacity. Future possibilities are recovery of nutrients for use on farmland. The rest of the products can also be used for soil improvement and fertiliser. To further enhance future flexibility and environmental focus, plans are made for using return wood or chips for independent energy production to the process.

Cambi’s ongoing research and development has lead to increasing efficiency and a more flexible technology, making their plants ready to receive a broader range of materials. One crucial point is the now more efficient steam explosion, proving a further increase of biogas production, plus improving the general aspects of sludge behaviour.

The installation of the core technology will start this spring, while the plant will be operative from mid-2014. This contract is the first in a series of part constructions that during the coming years will end in a future proof, environmental friendly and holistic waste treatment and energy production plant. Cambi is proud to be a part of such a thoughtful commitment to solving the modern society’s challenges with the best available technology.


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