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  • Aftermarket Solutions Aim to Provide "Lifetime Partnership"

Aftermarket Solutions Aim to Provide "Lifetime Partnership"

Feb 15 2013

KSB (USA), experienced supplier of pumps and pump parts, provides everything from installation to regular servicing for customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Manfred Ziege, KSB’s Vice President of Aftermarket Services, explains why KSB, Inc. is “the aftermarket solution provider” for the energy, industrial, water, and wastewater industries.

KSB, Inc. aims to be a long-term, consultative partner to its customers. “KSB, Inc. focuses on complete lifecycle management, often maintaining a working relationship with a customer from the time a plant is built to the time it goes out of operation — up to 60 or 70 years,” says Manfred Ziege.

The company works with customers on an ongoing basis to continually evaluate their pumping systems and recommend proactive, preventive maintenance that can extend the value of equipment and prevent costly downtime. Along with the pump, the hydraulics and engineering of the entire system affect the wear life of the pump and the success of the system as a whole. Because of this, KSB's North American service takes the full pumping system into consideration; its aftermarket service encompasses everything from repair to spare parts, warranty service, help with startup, and regular pump maintenance.

"Our focus is to support a customer completely after a pump purchase. We want to not only provide a repair, part, or pump, but also to find a solution that makes our customers happy, saves them money, and prevents future failures over the complete lifecycle,” says Manfred Ziege.

In addition to KSB, Inc.'s focus on effectiveness and efficiency, the company also understands the effects that reliable equipment can have on a company's bottom line. Non-KSB parts can increase wear on pumps, diminishing hydraulics and pump functioning. Thanks to integration with various KSB divisions, the company supports customization and retrofitting for a variety of specialised equipment — even non-KSB pumps and parts.

In addition to servicing its own equipment, KSB, Inc. now offers customers additional parts and service on pumps no longer supported by the pumps' original manufacturer. Many customers have pumping equipment 20 to 40 years old and older and would prefer to keep the equipment running rather than replace it. KSB, Inc., in cooperation with Standard Alloys, Inc. (another KSB subsidiary), can provide parts replacement, material upgrades, and performance improvement. Delivery of obsolete parts is reduced from months to weeks as castings are made in Standard Alloys’ own foundry and machined parts are produced at a number of strategically located repair facilities.

KSB brings a long history of experience and extensive engineering knowledge to ensure reliable, productive pumping operations for its customers. KSB, Inc.'s warranty periods (on both new and replacement parts) are typically much longer than other aftermarket suppliers.




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