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Jul 17 2012

Biowert (Germany) has recently reported rapidly growing interest from various industrial sectors, in their range of products delivering optimal performance whilst creating zero environmental impact in different applications.

Among Biowerts range is the AgriCell (a fire-resistant insulation product for floors, roofs and wall cavities), AgriPlast (a bio-based plastic delivering 25% weight reduction compared to competing products) and AgriFer (an alternative to nitrogen fertilisers).

Biowert's products all follow the same 'cradle to cradle' ethos in that all materials used in the products are either recycled or renewable, no waste heat or gases are released into the atmosphere, no mains water is used and no waste material is produced. All grass needed for the production process will be grown locally and stored on-site.

Dr Michael Gass, Chief Executive Officer of Biowert, explains: “In almost all sectors, the drive to reduce environmental impact is at the heart of innovation and new product development. Biowert’s production process and manufacturing ethos is as close as possible to delivering products which create no impact on the environment whatsoever, with the potential for transfer of these technologies into multiple sectors and applications. It’s an excellent fit for business models focused on delivering value through minimised environmental footprint. Our products can help companies in a variety of sectors, and indeed end users.”

Dr Gass added: “Our use of materials make Biowert unique in the global market-place. Already our product range is attracting significant interest from companies seeking to minimise their environmental impact and we continue to investigate new technologies and applications."


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