• Launch of a Full Service H2S Treatment in the Middle East

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Launch of a Full Service H2S Treatment in the Middle East

Mar 23 2012

Oil and gas producers in the Middle East are experiencing the challenges of producing resources laden with Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) first hand. Working in this environment, companies must account for the increased risks to the safety of workers and corroding equipment in their project operating costs. Product recovery and flaring during well operations have a significant impact on the environment and are difficult to manage when H2S is present. AMGAS Services has created innovative ways to safely handle and process H2S.

AMGAS (Canada) offers a wide range of services, including H2S removal and control measures aimed at mitigating the dangers associated with processing sour oil and natural gas. The company’s team of professionals is trained in using the specialised and proprietary equipment, chemicals and processes.

Fluids containing H2S emit vapour equally as dangerous to workers and the environment. Treating the vapours requires dependable and innovative scrubbers to ensure the risks are eliminated and that the produced fluids can be stored, transported, processed or disposed. AMGAS has partnered with Rutledge E&P Pte Ltd. who provides service for upstream drilling and exploration activities. Rutledge is based in Singapore and has operations throughout the Middle East. 


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