• New range of cleaners for gases, vapours and odours

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New range of cleaners for gases, vapours and odours

Oct 01 2009

Ozone Environmental Technology (Australia) has launched a new range of cleaners for gases, vapours and odours, such as those associated with printing or chemical and plastics manufacturing.

Ozone Gas Cleaners capture and filter gases by adsorption, also known as dry scrubbing. This is achieved through the use of activated granular media. Each granule has millions of pores through which the gas passes, creating an active surface area of a massive 1000 square meters per gram.

Six different types of media are available ranging from a standard activated carbon to chemically impregnated alumina. This flexibility in media choice allows an Ozone Gas Cleaner to be tailored to suit a particular gas. The Oztech data base is used to make this selection. The filter cartridge holds anywhere between 4 and 54 kg of media, depending on the particular model cleaner. Electrically charged pre-filters prevent any airborne particulates from blocking the granular media and prematurely reducing filter life. The filter cartridge is fully enclosed within the Cleaner case.

The range includes small, portable units, mobile units, and large, fixed units for multi-inlet high flow systems. Cleaners can be either used as recirculators to clean ambient air within the workshop, or with an inlet such as a Flexi Arm or Enclosure for at source control. The Cleaner case and filter housing feature corrosion protection materials and coatings. The extraction drive motor is located out of the filtered airstream for increased safety. A flow rate control damper is fitted, and discharge ducting can be added if necessary.


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