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Flue Gas Desulphurisationat Power Plant

Jun 07 2010

In compliance with regulations set out in the Large Combustion Plant Directive, aiming to significantly reduce the quantity of suplhur dioxide, nitrous oxides and particulates, International Power (IPR) have installed Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) plant at their coal-fired power station in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

Having contracted Lentjes UK in 2006 for the design, construction and commissioning of the plant and its integration into the existing power station, Lentjes in turn appointed Capula in 2007 as the control systems supplier for the project.

Capula took responsibility both for the complete implementation of the FGD control system (based on a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC platform) and the modifications to the existing power plant control systems, ensuring that the integration was done efficiently, minimising downtime and applying the established standards and techniques used on the power station to the design of the new systems for easier future operations and maintenance.

We supported the commissioning of the FGD plant by providing a site-based commissioning team who worked closely with Lentjes staff at all times to progress the work in accordance with the programme. Flue gas scrubbing went operational in mid-2009, removing approximately 96% of the sulphur dioxide from emissions.

Capula now provides long-term support of the systems at Rugeley from our headquarters office at Stone, Staffordshire.

"Naturally we are pleased to have been so heavily involved in this project," commented Capula Chief Executive Roger Turner, "and we have again demonstrated our capacity to deliver large scale solutions effectively at the highest level with minimal disruption."


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