• AEA to present at The Bonn Climate Change Talks on global emissions in the shipping and aviation industries

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AEA to present at The Bonn Climate Change Talks on global emissions in the shipping and aviation industries

Jul 10 2009

AEA Technology has been asked by Department for Transport (DfT) to present at The Bonn Climate Change Talks, discussing the issue of global emissions from the shipping and aviation industries.

The discussion has been proposed by the Government of Cyprus and it is aimed at raising the profile of the issue and to set a course for solving this significant challenge.

AEA has been working with the DfT for a number of years, carrying out research into international shipping emissions. Shipping is an area, in which currently no international regulatory restrictions apply. The AEA research has specifically been looking at what the current emissions trends are, how they are likely to increase, and the potential impact of having no global commitment on this issue. The results of this work will be used to develop the UK government’s position on future targets for cutting UK shipping emissions and will be extended to aviation.

Sujith Kollamthodi, AEA Knowledge Leader, Sustainable Transport said: “We have been asked to present by DfT because of the research we have compiled to date. As the shipping industry currently has no emissions control, forecasts suggest excessively high levels of emissions by 2050. AEA has reviewed not only what would happen if no action is taken, but what can feasibly be done. We have reviewed the scope for trading schemes, carbon levy’s and taxes, as well as the role of new technologies. ”

Robert Bell, AEA, Chief Technical Officer said:

“AEA’s work is regularly used at global forums such as this and we have a strong track record of our research and analysis providing technical leadership for national and international policy frameworks. Our sustainable transport team have developed some far-reaching thinking on emissions challenges for the global shipping and aviation industries.”

This event forms part of a series of intergovernmental talks organised by the United Nations in advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) this December. It is hoped that these talks will allow a new agreement to be reached on global emissions and tackling climate change.


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