• BBA Certification Received

BBA Certification Received

Sep 10 2012

The GEOLight stormwater management system from SDS (UK) has just achieved BBA certification.

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is one of the UK’s most highly regarded construction approvals bodies assessing the manufacturer’s products, systems and procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose. The BBA’s Agrément certificates are only awarded to a construction product or system after it has successfully passed a comprehensive assessment involving laboratory testing, on-site evaluations and inspections of production. The manufacturer is also audited ensuring that a suitable quality management system is in place. Regular monitoring of the product manufacture by the BBA takes place twice a year with a full and comprehensive re-assessment every three years.

Agrément certificates are recognised by building control, contractors, specifiers, government departments, architects and local authorities.

Achieving BBA certification means that contractors can incorporate the SDS GEOlight stormwater management safe in the knowledge that the system will perform when installed in accordance with the guidance in the certificate. Specifiers such as architects and engineers too, can be sure that the BBA approved product will meet the criteria set out in the certificate and is a sure way of avoiding problems at a number of stages in the building process.

The GEOlight stormwater management system from SDS is an ultra lightweight honeycombed pre-formed modular structure made from recycled PVC which provides an underground stormwater storage facility for the application of stormwater attenuation or infiltration. The high void rate of up to 97%, high compressive strength of up to 1,000 kilo newtons per sq. metre and low resistance to water flow makes GEOlight a maintainable and cost efficient solution ideal for underground storage during storm conditions.

The ability to design, manufacture and install and maintain entire systems has enabled SDS to develop close working relationships with industry professionals. This has provided the company with the opportunity to offer a wide range of solutions which allows the company to design systems to cover all situations and site constraints. The design team work with clients to provide a drainage solution to exactly match the unique requirements of a development.

GEOlight stormwater management systems continue to contribute to the success of many major projects around the UK including those for utility companies, major retailers, schools and universities, and major highways such as the M25 carriage-widening project.

As well as achieving BBA certification, SDS products are also recognised by Achilles, a resource providing buyers with supplier information through a pre-qualifying, evaluating and performance monitoring system. SDS has also attained ISO 9001 and the company is currently undergoing ISO 14001 environmental standard accreditation demonstrating its commitment to developing environmental management systems in areas such as waste reduction and the use of recycled products. In this respect, the SDS GEOlight stormwater attenuation tanks are manufactured entirely from post-consumer PVC waste, normally destined for landfill.



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