• Offshore Brazilian wind and green hydrogen potential

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Offshore Brazilian wind and green hydrogen potential

Aug 12 2021

Low-carbon energy developer, Enterprize Energy, has announced an agreement with the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte to identify and develop opportunities for offshore wind, green hydrogen, and green ammonia projects off the country’s northern coastline.

The relationship will see the company undertaking identification and development of potential multi-gigawatt offshore wind projects, as well as assessments of potential environmental and socio-economic impacts and benefits, alongside the economic viability of co-developed desalination and green hydrogen production hubs for both local distribution and export to global markets.

Enterprize Energy will consult and engage local businesses, academic institutions and local and federal authorities to plan for supply chain, infrastructure and human resource requirements across the development, construction and operational phases of the projects.

The business will work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to promote the decarbonisation of industrial processes, while also engaging in the planning of the proposed new port facilities in Rio Grande do Norte to support such offshore energy developments.

The state of Rio Grande do Norte is now the leading Brazilian state in renewable energy development, with over two-thirds of its energy generation originating from renewable sources. As periods of drought become longer and more frequent in Brazil, and concerns over environmental impacts of hydropower gain pace, many Brazilian states are exploring new energy systems that can exploit the robust wind resource off the country’s coastline.

A recent Energy Research Office (EPE) report indicates that the full Brazilian coastline could support 700GW of offshore wind capacity. Enterprize Energy has a track record of engaging sensitively in the development of offshore wind projects with local communities and national governments in locations across the world, focusing on the needs and interests of the local population. Notable examples include its work in developing the Vietnamese Thang Long offshore wind farm and the Hai Long project off the coast of Taiwan.

Ian Hatton, Chairman, Enterprize Energy, said: “The north-eastern coastline of Brazil holds great potential. We are collaborating with businesses, local government and universities in Rio Grande do Norte in a bid to identify and develop sites for offshore green energy projects that will substantially benefit local communities.

"In addition to offshore wind’s capacity to decarbonise energy supply, advances in wind-driven electrolysis should enable Rio Grande do Norte to become a centre for green, zero-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production in South America. These ‘renewable gases’ will be instrumental for use in not only the domestic agrichemical, industrial and maritime sectors, but also for international export.”

 Jaime Calado, Secretary for Economic and Commercial Development of the Rio Grande do Norte State Government, commented: “We are pleased to be working collaboratively with Enterprize Energy to identify and develop the numerous exciting opportunities off the coast of Rio Grande do Norte to unlock future sources for our nation’s energy. With these site and impact assessments, we can move toward the establishment of a centre of excellence for offshore wind and green chemical production in Brazil.”


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