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Take the Greenbuild Challenge and Make Buildings Better

Apr 15 2014

Greenbuild (UK), the organisers of Greenbuild Expo 2014 are launching a new sustainability campaign The Greenbuild Challenge.

Supported by UK Green Building Council and the Energy Saving Trust, the campaign aims to engage, educate and inspire professionals in the building and sustainability sectors to create a truly sustainable built environment.

The built environment has huge potential in shaping our sustainable future. The buildings we live in, work in and relax in – and how we inhabit and interact with them – are a key part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Professionals responsible for the design, function and performance of volume housing and non-domestic properties such as schools and hospitals have a huge role to play.

To get involved with the campaign visit www.greenbuildchallenge.co.uk You will be able to make a pledge to take more action to improve a building – and see the pledges and real-life improvements others have already made.

Some of the pledges you can make include:

  • Switching to LED Lighting – using 40 LED bulbs in a house for an average of 2.7 hours a day – the Energy Saving Trust’s typical use figure for a bulb in a kitchen or living room – running costs would be £23 annually compared with £287 for sticking with halogens
  • Installing a bike rack - encourage staff at your office to ditch their cars – meaning healthier employees and a reduced carbon footprint
  • Reducing artificial light - daylight has a better impact on performance. Good daylight in schools leads to a 10% increase in overall pupil performance: 20% faster progression in mathematics and 26% faster reading progression

Focal points of the campaign include: sustainable retrofitting; behavioural change; building materials and methods; and smart cities. As part of the Greenbuild Challenge these issues will be explored through debate at the Greenbuild Expo event in May and via comment pieces and examples of best practice through the Greenbuild magazine and online.

Paul King, CEO of the UK Green Building Council, said: “It’s encouraging to see that the Greenbuild Expo is launching a new campaign aiming to promote sustainable changes in buildings. The Greenbuild Challenge aims to educate and inspire people to make their buildings better by calling on building owners to pledge to make a change to their properties, no matter how big or small, from a major green retrofit in a block of flats, to installing energy efficient lighting in offices.”

Chris Eldridge from Greenbuild said: “Working with organisations such as UK GBC and EST, the Greenbuild Challenge aims to raise the debate around sustainability in the built environment. We will continue the debate at this year’s Greenbuild Expo with a great seminar programme – all free to attend.”

Rise to the challenge, be inspired and get involved at Greenbuild Expo in Manchester on 7th & 8th May 2014. At the event you can meet some of the professionals who have already helped to create a more sustainable built environment and hear what they have to say in some of the 100+ thought leadership sessions, training, seminars and debates.  It’s a free programme looking at ways to improve the environmental impact of our existing building stock, reduce energy bills and create sustainable buildings of the future.

During Greenbuild Expo there will also be more than 150 exhibitors on hand showcasing the latest green products and solutions for both refurbishment and newbuild, domestic and commercial properties.
Greenbuild Expo in Manchester on 7th & 8th May 2014 at Manchester Central


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