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Apr 01 2020

Last month  saw the launch of the Government’s APPG “All Party Parliamentary Group” on Net Zero in the Churchill Room of the House of Commons, with the official remit described on www.parliament.uk as “To secure a low carbon and clean industrial and economic future for the UK, embed zero carbon solutions and accelerate net zero growth, innovation and global influence” with Alex Soble MP for Leeds North West [Labour] as the chair. 

The Zero Pollution Network was pleased to have been one of the invited guests, however after listening to various presentations delivered by group’s sponsors, it was evident that there was no representation or even mention about what is potentially the largest consumer of energy in the UK and the one that also is the custodian of the key to our cleaner future, our Water and Wastewater Industry.

If there was a case of an elephant missing from a room, then this on that day it was our industry. Not only is there massive scope to invest to reduce energy consumed but policies for example such as removing rainwater from sewers and regulating flows could have significant impact of reducing sewer flooding and pollution. The latter of which is becoming a thorny issue due to the direct link between sewers and drains and plastics in the oceans.

If anybody wanted the evidence that Government’s and Ofwat’s are out of synch and consequentially their aims are misguided, then this was it through the lack of presence and/or voice at the launch of such an important event. Simply, if we are to achieve Net Zero and “clean” we are like it or not, we are going to need additional spending and not less!


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