• Efficient Wastewater Treatment Solutions with Low Energy Spiral Aerobic Bio-Reactor


Efficient Wastewater Treatment Solutions with Low Energy Spiral Aerobic Bio-Reactor

May 23 2012

Emefcy (USA), a developer and manufacture of energy efficient wastewater treatment solutions, revealed at IFAT ENTSORGA in Germany its Spiral Aerobic Bio-Reactor (SABRE) for the treatment of municipal wastewater.

Conventional aerobic wastewater treatment is an energy-intensive process. A large portion of a wastewater treatment plant’s (WWTP) operational cost is spent on energy for aeration. SABRE reduces energy requirements for aeration by up to 95% and sludge by 30%-50% compared with traditional Activated Sludge solutions and simultaneously performs nitrification and de-nitrification. As the SABRE is modular and encapsulated it is ideal for the deployment of distributed wastewater treatment plants where scalability and orderlies are important factors.

Emefcy is also developing its EBR (Electrogenic Bioreactor) treating industrial wastewater and producing green electricity as a bi-product. The EBR transforms WWTP from cost centres to profit centres by substantially reducing two of the highest operational expenditures of WWTP – the energy cost and the sludge treatment and removal costs. These two components account for 75% of the WWTP operating costs.

“We are excited to reveal SABRE, our new wastewater treatment solution for municipalities. Emefcy’s innovative team has developed a new technology that will change the economics of wastewater treatment. SABRE consumes a fraction of the energy required for aeration compared with traditional technologies while providing a high quality effluent” said Eytan Levy, Emefcy’s CEO and co-founder. “We are looking forward, further utilising our manufacturing facility’s equipped with state of the art production machinery, providing our customers with robust, easy to operate solutions”.



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