• Toxic waste found near protest camp

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Toxic waste found near protest camp

Nov 22 2012

Campaigners in Birmingham have found toxic waste dumped near their protest camp.

The group from Meriden near Solihull have been fighting a battle against travellers for the preservation of a green belt land in their area.

Both groups set up protest camps to fight their corner, however, since the illegal dumping, both sides of the dispute have been ordered to remove their structures.

The findings came as a shock to the protesting group, as well as members of the council.

Members of Residents Against Inappropriate Development found containers and car motor waste labelled toxic, flammable and hazardous waste at the site.

Furniture and engine oil containers were also found dumped last Friday.

As soon as the items were found, Solihull Council called out workers to clean up the mess. Not only is the mess displeasing to look at, because of its toxic nature, it is incredibly dangerous.

Although the group did manage to clean up the waste over the weekend, group chairman David McGrath asked for an investigation into Friday’s incident.

"I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw a range of car-related debris which looked like it had come from a garage. There were old filters and bits of body panels and bin bags," he told local newspaper Birmingham Post.

"None of the residents can remember this happening before. This was systematic, dumping in nine separate areas."

The council are adamant that this was a targeted and planned dumping.

It has been reported that neither party are currently placing blame, and the culprit is yet to be named.

A spokeswoman for Solihull council told the paper: "There was nothing to indicate who may have dumped them."

The council has called upon local residents to come forward if they have any information regarding who committed the crime.


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