• Maine wind energy significantly cuts global warming pollution

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Maine wind energy significantly cuts global warming pollution

Nov 30 2012

Wind Energy in Maine has cut global warming pollution by over 400,000 metric tons, it has been announced.

Environment Maine found that the state's current power generation from wind energy equates to 403,000 metric tons of carbon pollution not being pumped into the air each year.

This is the equivalent of wiping out the pollution of 79,000 vehicles.

The report also found that wind energy significantly cuts smog and soot pollution, as well as saving the state massive amounts of water.

Nora Graubard, field associate with Environment Maine, commented: "Wind power is reducing the dangerous pollution that harms our health and is fueling global warming.

"And the benefits we're already seeing from wind power are just the tip of the iceberg because Maine has vast untapped wind resources."

A report from the US Department of Energy and the wind industry to quantify the environmental benefits from current wind generation in Maine, as well as the advantages in 2016 if wind development continues to progress at the pace it has.

It was found that if wind development continues at the pace it has been, in 2016 the new wind generation in Maine would annually avoid another 303,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which would be the equivalent of 59,000 of today's vehicles, 500 tons of nitrogen oxides and 840 tons of sulphur dioxide. Furthermore, it would save another 117 million gallons of water each year.

Paul Williamson of the Maine Wind Industry Initiative said: "Wind energy development has greatly benefitted the Maine economy with local investments exceeding $1 billion and the creation of local jobs.

"Maine's experience and expertise in wind is now in demand nationally, meaning that our local economy is tied to the national success of this industry."

Recent research by the organisation revealed that wind 47 Maine companies made $279 million of their revenues from wind-related activities.  


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