• China cancels coal-fired plant construction
    No more coal-fired plants will be constructed in the Shenzhen area

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China cancels coal-fired plant construction

Aug 16 2013

China has scrapped plans for a new coal-fired power plant in eastern Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Energy Group was in the process of beginning preparatory work for the plants construction when the Baoguang authorities asked them to cease. The plant will not be constructed due to fears over the air pollution, suggesting that China is beginning to take the issue of climate change seriously.

As well as stopping the construction of the coal-fired plant, the city will no longer be putting forward any plans for further construction of power plants that utilise coal as an energy source. This decision was made at a municipal government meeting at the beginning of this month (August 2013).

China currently uses around 47 per cent of the world's coal supply, causing dangerous levels of air pollution throughout the country's urban areas. As well as using large quantities of coal, China also has the largest coal pipeline in the world to help fuel its dependence on the energy source. However, the country has recently implemented a pilot project in some of its worst affected cities to 'cap' the amount of carbon emissions being created, in a bid to reduce air pollution.   

The most recent decision to cancel the construction of a new plant comes after strong public opposition to the project. Shenzhen Energy Group received permission to begin work on the plant from China's National Energy Administration in January this year, but once the go-ahead was given a large proportion of the public voiced concerns. Cancellation of the project was called for by 43 lawmakers in June, who also argued that no more coal-fired power plants should be constructed in the Shenzhen region.

Requests were filed with the human settlements and environmental commission and the development and reform commission to stop the project. Following this the human settlements and environment commission agreed in July that the plant could damage the ecosystem of the area and that Shenzhen was not a suitable location for the development of any plants of this nature.



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