Understanding Urban Air Quality and Emissions


University of California, Berkley

Date: 13:40:00 - Oct 13 2021
Speakers: Professor Ronald Cohen
Moderators: Matthew Farrow

At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Professor Ronald Cohen of University of California, Berkley, gave a 25-minute presentation on a new methodology for mapping and modelling ambient air in urban environments, the BEACO2N.

Professor Cohen discusses: 

  • How the BEACO2N system works
  • Recent data from BEACO2N
  • The utility of BEACO2N for understanding the urban environment
  • How BEACO2N might be used to design and assess reduction strategies

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Professor Ronald Cohen
Professor Ronald Cohen (University of California, Berkeley)

Professor Cohen is a researcher in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science. Primarily, Professor Cohen's research aims to describe the role of chemical reactions, human activities and ecosystem functions as they affect Earth’s climate and as they relate to unhealthy levels ozone and fine particles.


Matthew Farrow
Matthew Farrow (The Broadway Initiative)

Matthew Farrow is the former Executive Director of the Environmental Industries Commission, an organisation dedicated to the regulation of business practices in the environment sector. Currently, he serves as Chief Operations Officer for the Broadway Initiative.


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