Applying UK best practice Asset Management Optimisation to the International Water Sector


Servelec Technologies

Date: 14:00:00 - Nov 02 2016
Speakers: Mr George Heywood

Servelec Technologies, the leading provider of business optimisation solutions in the UK water industry, is implementing its market-leading PIONEER Asset Management Decision Support software with new international customers that are keen to benefit from respected UK water sector experience. Based on successful outcomes in regulatory price reviews for 30% of UK water companies, PIONEER is broadening its geographic reach and customer base, demonstrating the technology is scalable and transferrable to international markets. With reference to recent work for a large Australian water company as well as Irish Water the paper will compare and contrast the different demands across the international market versus the UK with particular emphasis on differing regulatory approaches and stakeholder drivers, concluding that significant elements of UK water experience can be exported to the international sector provided a company has sufficient local presence and is flexible in its solution offering.

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Mr George Heywood
Mr George Heywood (Servelec Technologies)


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